When all your hydrating balms are no longer sufficient, book that facial!

Skin laxity

Do people keep asking if you’re sleeping well? Do you feel like you look tired all the time? Another side effect of aging skin is a noticeable laxity of the facial muscles as skin begins to sag slightly. Estheticians have tools like radiofrequency devices and microcurrent to help turn back the clock and restore the vitality of your complexion by stimulating your facial muscles to tighten. We also see incredible results from our SknZyme treatment AKA the Game of Thrones Facial which produces real skin revision and oxygenation through trans epidermal messenger enzymes and oxygenation through circulatory activity. Game Changer!


I’m sure you’ve learned by now that no matter how many brightening products you apply to your sun damaged skin, it’s gonna need the big guns to maximize results and rid your face of sun damage. While traditional facials don’t make a huge impact on hyperpigmented lesions, we have multiple tools and potions at our disposal which help you take huge strides towards a brighter clear complexion. Try one of our customized peel formulas to start the process of saying goodby to those pesky brown spots!

We are huge fans of at home regimens. In fact, I often use the analogy that they go together like diet and exercise. Your home care is the diet, and we professionals and our arsenal of advanced tools and products are the exercise. Think of us as personal trainers for your skin! Also, if you can’t find time to make it into the spa, you can still experience clinical treatments at home with our new Skn @ Home program. Check out the next post for details about this exciting and innovative approach to clinical skincare. We can’t wait to share it with you!